About Us

iTomato Inc. dba: Ergoneer, was incorporated in California in 2014, with a small group of tight knit fellows of "Workaholic Discoverer" who source hard for intelligent, trendy computer furniture which have most beneficial for human health and life. By directly working with manufacturers in overseas we can bring you products at affordable prices on the market and pass those savings on to you.

In 2012, the idea came to Katharine, VP of our company, having suffered cervical vertebra disease for years of computer work. She started to use a series of posture care products ─ a result-measurable approach to help distribute the force on acupuncture point, joints, ligaments and muscles. Katharine realized the importance of developing new and innovative products to improve physical well-being in individuals with body pains through symmetrical body alignment and positioning. Since then, the company has grown to eight health-caring and tech geek researchers who struggle to explore the world for the latest trends in body-care furniture to bring you the most creative, rewarding online deals with online shopping.

Nowadays, iTomato Inc. has two domestic warehouse locations: Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, California; and other two overseas warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and London, UK. The company markets as ERGONEER, simply a reliable brand professionally targeting NEW and IMPROVED Computer Monitor Desks/Tables/Stands/Mounts and Support to people seeking high quality functional computer furnture and accessories that promote health under stress of this struggling digital world! We keep full user satisfaction in mind!

All products sold from our store are covered TWO-YEAR warranty to ensure our premium craftmanship.